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What it's like to live in Casper

Of course, finances aren’t the only thing to consider. Fortunately, Casper gives you the best of both worlds — affordability and desirability.

Great Climate

One of the best things about Casper’s weather is abundant sunshine — around 220 days of it a year. This is one of the benefits of having a semi-arid climate. The other is low humidity, which makes both summer heat and winter cold more comfortable.

Natural Splendor

Casper is situated on the banks of the broad North Platte river, framed to the south by majestic Casper Mountain and looking out over prairies stretching to the horizon in the north. A great place of any angler or a day out.

Family & Culture

Casper truly is a place with something for everyone. As we’ve just described, there’s a natural playground on your doorstep. Art museums, breweries, or shopping can be accessed quickly and provide multiple options for things to do.

Why Casper?

Let’s start with the quick take. Casper is an attractive place to live for three key reasons:

  • First, it’s super affordable. You’ll be surprised at how the cost of living here compares to other places.
  • Second, the environment is amazing, with tons of sunshine, natural beauty, and opportunities for outdoor recreation just outside your doorstep.
  • Finally, it’s a fun place to be, with plenty to do any time of the year.

Cost of Living

One of the most important factors for many people who are considering relocating is cost of living. They want to be able to work less and live more, cutting down on the overhead of life.

Casper is a good place to do just that, with the overall cost of living being 10% lower than the national average. 

That’s just the average, though. Compare Casper to some of the places many people are moving from and the difference is dramatic.

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